Welcome to Sugar Maple Jerseys one of a kind, hands on experience. “COME MILK OUR COWS WITH US” - was designed specifically with your safety, education, and pure enjoyment in mind. The entire experience will last approximately 2.5 hours so allow yourself the appropriate amount of time for your milking. SMJ is a working dairy farm with many different sights and smells, so you must come prepared to get dirty and to do physical labor.

This experience is available January - April at 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday’s ONLY (no weekend dates available).

You will have the opportunity to help feed calves and even wash the milking parlor and calf buckets.  You will be working outside with exposure to all weather conditions and temperatures so you must dress accordingly. Clothing will not be provided for you and the farm is not liable for the condition of your attire while you’re working with the animals. All hands on work is 100% at the discretion of the farmer and you must be with a farm chaperone at all times! 

  • LIMIT OF 3 persons per milking
  • No cell phones or picture taking devices allowed
  • Children under 8 years old not permitted
  • Legal waiver must be signed

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Once you purchase your tickets, we will contact you via text message or email to schedule your milking.
Please read the legal waiver attached to your milking voucher and have it signed when you arrive.
Email us if you have any questions: