Farm & Market Products

Sugar Maple Jerseys is small registered jersey herd in Stockton NJ. Selling our own all natural cheeses and pasture raised meats. We are primarily grass fed, pasture raised farm taking great pride in our animal care.

All of our dairy products are made from our high quality jersey milk. Our milk is always antibiotic and hormone free. Our cheese maker makes small batches of cheese for us by hand.  Our carefully aged raw milk cheeses have a creamy texture and full flavor that is indescribable.

All of the meats we sell in our store and at our markets is raised right here on our farm. We produce rose’ veal, pastured pork, dairy beef, and free range chicken.  

Our rose’ veal Is also referred to as high welfare veal. Our animals are raised on pasture with the diet consisting of milk,grass, hay and a small portion of grain. When these animals eat the hay and grasses it causes their stomach to ruminate which turns to meat a light pink color. As opposed to the milk fed white veal people were used to in the past.

Our chickens and pigs are also pasture raised with high quality non GMO grains along with local vegetables and the grasses from the pastures they thrive on .

Products available in our farm store and at participating farmers markets:

Local free range brown eggs
Eggs $6 per dozen    
(Sold 1/2 lb portions) 
Raw milk cheddar $10
Smoked cheddar $10
Garlic Dill cheddar $10
Garlic Basil cheddar $10 
Pepper cheddar $10
Raw milk Gouda $10
Smoked Gouda $10 
Butter $8 
Feta $8
Cream cheese $8 (onion chive or plain) 
Cheese curds $7
(Spicy/ dill/ basil/ plain/ pizza)
Greek Yogurt $5
(blueberry/ black cherry/ plain/ peach/ strawberry) 
Ground veal $8/lb
Veal cubes $9/lb
Veal chops $14/lb
Veal cutlets $14/lb
Veal sausage $11
(Sage / chorizo/ sweet Italian)
Veal burgers $9/lb 
Ground beef $6
(Nitrate free plain or cheddar jalapeño) 
Delmonico steak $18.50/lb
NY Strip steak $18.50/lb
Filet Mignon $22/lb
Meat sticks $2ea (hot or mild)
Beef jerky $10/bag 
Bacon $12/lb
Sweet Italian sausage $8.50/lb 
Maple breakfast links $8.50/lb
Nitrate free PORK ROLL $10/lb
Ham slice $7.50/lb
Chipped ham $7/lb 
Ground $7/lb 
Bone-In Pork Chops $9.50/lb (2 per package) 
Country style ribs $7.50/lb 
Shoulder roast $7/lb 
Boston butt roast $8/lb 
Tenderloin $15/lb
Local raw honey 
Jersey milk soaps and hand crafted lotions