Quality Products
Dairy Products
Our Jerseys naturally produce the highest quality milk for human consumption than other breeds.  Compared to average milk, a glass of
Jersey milk has greater nutritional value: at least 15% more protein, and at least 18% more calcium.  The Jersey is the most efficient dairy producer in the world, producing more pounds of milk or pounds of cheese per pound of body weight than any other breed. 
We are a pasture based; primarily grass-fed herd.  We practice management intensive grazing, where we move our pastures every day, and utilize annual pastures so we can minimize the amount of stored forages and grain we feed.  Our milk is always antibiotic and hormone free.

Our dairy products include:
  Aged Raw Milk Cheddar          ~1/2 lb $10 each
           Garlic/Dill Cheddar        ~1/2 lb $10 each
                Pepper Cheddar        ~1/2 lb $10 each

  Feta                                         ~1/2 lb $  7 each

  Mozzarella                               ~   1 lb $  9 each

  Hand Made Butter                  ~1/2 lb $  8 each

  Fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds:
      Plain                                    ~1/2   lb $ 5 each
      Garlic/Dill                            ~1/2   lb $ 5 each
      Pepper/Chive                      ~1/2   lb $ 5 each

We will deliver orders of $40.00 or more locally.  For smaller orders we will arrange an on-farm pickup time in one of our coolers for you.
Pasture Raised Meats
     Our pasture raised meats started with the thought we could raise all natural meats here on the farm and be able to feed our family. Once we realized that we would have enough products to feed others, we decided to have our meats processed in a USDA Inspected Facility, and offer them for sale from our farm and select farmers markets . Our goal is to provide consumers with high quality dairy products and pasture raised meats at a price they can afford while having excellent animal care.
     Another important aspect to all that we do is that we really want to feed people. Not everyone can afford the prices for certified organic or certified grass fed products, but we feel that everyone deserves the opportunity to buy wholesome foods for their families, at an affordable price. 
    We'd like to be specific about what "pasture raised" meats means to us on our farm.  Pasture raised simply means the animals are not confined to indoor pens on concrete, but are raised outdoors on grass with shelter; fresh food and water.  Our animals are fed a small ration of grain which makes up less than 10% of their diet.
    Our rose' veal is raisied on pasture and fed whole milk from our milking herd.  Their diet also consists of grass hay and grain, which turns their meat a light pink color.
    Our meat is always antibiotic and hormone free.

Rose' Veal:
    Ground Veal                                 $ 7.00/lb
    Veal Loin Chops 2 per pckg       $14.00/lb
    Veal Rib Chops 2 per pckg         $14.00/lb
    Veal Cutlets 3 per pckg               $14.00/lb
    Veal Cut Shanks  4 per pckg       $16.00/lb
    Veal Sausage                               $11.00/lb

     Ground Pork                                 $ 5.00/lb
    Pork Chops   2 per pckg               $ 7.00/lb
    Bacon                                            $ 9.00/lb
    All Sausage                                   $ 7.00/lb
    Country Style Ribs                        $ 6.50/lb
    Bone In Loin End Roast                $ 6.00/lb
    Boneless Shoulder Butt Roast      $ 6.00/lb
     Smoked Ham                                 $ 6.00/lb
    Pork Roll                                        $ 9.00/lb  

    Whole Chicken                            $ 5.00/lb
   Breasts                                        $ 9.00/lb
   Legs and Thighs                          $ 7.00/lb
   Wings                                          $ 7.00/lb
   Tenders                                       $ 7.00/lb

We will deliver orders of $40.00 or more locally.  For smaller orders we will arrange an on-farm pickup time in one of our coolers for you.
     Ground                                    $ 6.00/lb
    Patties                                     $ 7.00/lb
    Filet                                         $22.00/lb
    Ribeye                                      $18.00/lb
    New York Strip                         $15.00/lb
    Porterhouse                             $15.00/lb
    T-Bone                                      $15.00/lb
    Rib Steak                                  $15.00/lb
    Flank                                        $12.00/lb
    Skirt                                          $12.00/lb
    Tri-Tip                                       $12.00/lb
    Flat Iron                                    $12.00/lb
    Sirloin (boneless)                     $12.00/lb
                (bone-in)                       $ 9.00/lb
    Brisket                                      $10.00/lb
    London Broil                            $ 8.00/lb
    Top Round                                $ 8.00/lb
​    Chuck                                       $ 8.00/lb
    Kebab Meat                              $ 7.00/lb
    Chipsteak                                 $ 9.00/lb