About The Owner, Heidi

I was raised on a family dairy farm until the age of 7 when my family moved off of the farm and the dairy cows left.

Jersey cows have always been my passion for as long as I can remember.  In my early 20s I started with my first registered Jersey calf named Lily.  Her descendants are still with our herd today and the Jersey breed continues to be my favorite because of their beauty, profitability and functionality! Early on, I began purchasing calves when I could afford them with the notion I could grow my own herd and start my own farm.  I had worked with various dairy herds, but I knew my destiny was to venture out on my own and be my own farmer.  So as a single mom, with a loan, and big dreams, I purchased a small milking registered Jersey herd and Sugar Maple Jerseys dairy farm was established on June 22, 2013.

Rick and I met in August of 2017 and that’s when everything changed for the better! I met the mate to my soul and we began to build our farming dreams together. Rick grew up on a small dairy farm also, but in Raritan Township. His family and himself  milked a small herd of about 35 Holsteins until the herd sold in 1985. Rick began working construction but still missed the days of farming and the smell of fresh cut hay. So he began to establish his own crop farming and bought his very first tractor in 1995. He farmed nights after work and on the weekends to get his operation started. When fate brought us together,  we were just two overly ambitious, hard working people following our dreams of farming.

Since joining forces with Rick, he has helped Sugar Maple Jerseys grow in so many ways. We’ve been such a tremendous team since that day and we plan to keep improving our product line, animal facilities, and adding to our seasonal offerings.