If you are in search of a more tender and sweeter beef, our rose’ veal would  be a great option for you.  According to our processor (USDA inspected) their plant’s definition of veal would be a beef animal with a hanging weight of 300lbs or less. So, that is the standard weight of our veal animals and the average age is approximately 6-7 months old. Our veal animals are not confined or cage raised. We raise them the exact same way we do for all of our dairy calves, our chickens and pigs. Our veal animals are pasture raised and their diet consists of our jersey cow milk (not milk replacer) fresh grass, hay, and of course water. (NO CORN) We do not castrate or dehorn these animals.  Rose’ veal is also referred to as high welfare veal because of the meats light pink color as opposed to the traditional color of white meat from confined, milk fed veal. The proof is in our products that our animals are humanely raised in a free range environment. You can absolutely trust  this small family farm to provide you with high quality foods where the animal care and comfort is always our top priority. 


Osso Bucco
Sausages **sage / sweet italian/ chorizo / smoked kielbasa 
Veal Breast 
Veal Liver