Dairy Beef

Sugar Maple Jerseys dairy and beef cows are primarily grass fed and pasture based. Farm wisdom has certainly taught us that cows that are outside in the fresh air, walking on pastures and eating grass, are  healthier and happier. Happy and healthy cows produce better-tasting, more nutritious milk. At SMJ we really love our Jerseys and we have a tremendous respect for our animals. We want them to live low-stress, healthy lives. This means letting them do what they’ve done for thousands of years: roaming freely and grazing their pastures. Cows belong outside and ours have access to pasture 365 days a year if they choose. When it’s your job to feed the world, you also want to be a contributing factor to saving it also. Regenerative grazing has always been a part of our program here. We strive to build soil health by rotationally grazing our livestock on cover crops and perennial and annual grasses. Your food comes from a good place!


** Aged Raw Milk Cheeses & Feta are sold in approximate 1/2 lb blocks 
Raw Milk Cheddar $10/block 
Raw Milk Smoked Cheddar $10/block 
Raw Milk Garlic Basil Cheddar $10/block 
Raw Milk Pepper Cheddar $10/block 
Raw Milk Garlic Dill Cheddar $20/block 
Raw Milk Gouda $10/block 
Raw Milk Smoked Gouda $10/block 
Hand Made Butter $8 ea 
Cream Cheese $7 ea
Feta $8 ea 
Cheddar Cheese Curds $8 ea **plain/ spicy / garlic dill/ pizza 
Dream Cheese AKA Greek Yogurt $5 ea ** plain/ peach / blueberry / black cherry / red raspberry 


Ground $7/lb
Patties $8/lb
Hot Dogs $10/lb **plain no nitrate or cheddar jalapeño 
No Nitrate Meat Sticks $2 ea **hot or mild