Though many large hog operations raise their pigs solely indoors for safety and health purposes, we do not. We raise our pigs in small numbers and process approximately 20-30 animals each year where commercial farms produce thousands every year. Our pigs have a fenced pasture to roam, and a well bedded barn to sleep in. They’re free to do as they please. We do not confine them indoors all day everyday living on hard surfaces. Our pigs eat the grass on the pasture, local vegetables, and an all natural feed made from non gmo corn. So we work hard to make sure our pigs always have shelter, fresh bedding, food, water and pasture access. Small farms may be a bit more expensive, but the meat quality and animal care is unsurpassable.  Your food comes from a good place.


No Nitrate Bacon $12/lb 
Bone In Chops $9.50/lb
Ribs $7.50/lb
Roasts $7.50/lb
Sausages $9/lb **hot italian/ sweet italian/ sage patties / maple breakfast links / smoked kielbasa 
Ground $7/lb
Ham Slice or Whole $7/lb
Chipped Ham $7/lb 
Tenderloin $15/lb 
Charcuterie $12 per piece ** casareccio salame / pepperoni / fennel salame / hot napoli soppressata