The Farmer's Table


567 Rosemont Ringoes Rd. Sergeantsville, NJ 08557

Hours of Operation:

  • Wednesday 10-4
  • Thursday 10-4
  • Friday 10-4
  • Saturday 10-4
  • Sunday 10-4
The Farmer’s Table is a reinvention of the already existing Sugar Maple Jerseys country store. For growth and management purposes we felt the store would better serve our community in a commercial, retail location. We chose the name "The Farmers Table" because every single product (that is not our own) that we sell in our shoppe comes from another farm or farmer. We believe in honesty and integrity and relationships.
We know each farmer personally and we hold them to the SMJ standard of ethics. We stand behind the farming practices and animal care of every single product we carry in our store.
We are not a commercialized white label business, and we would never go in that direction. We will continue to sell all of our own producer only pasture raised pork, beef, chicken, and veal. Along with all of our farm fresh dairy products.
This new location contains a certified kitchen where we may prepare small plate food to serve customers. We will not serve or sell commercial beverages or snacks. We will stay true to the farmers you have grown to trust and respect! That is why the only products we are interested in selling at "The Farmers Table" are carefully selected and SMJ approved!
The Farmers Table is now the only retail location for our local dairy farm Sugar Maple Jerseys. 
At Sugar Maple Jerseys, we are committed to quality. We accomplish this goal by dedicating ourselves to a vigorous high standard of care for all of our animals. Our Agricultural best practices are aligned with those of the National Resource of Soil Conservation. Our livestock program is pasture-based, and primarily grass fed using regenerative grazing practices.
We believe that animals that are outside in the fresh air, walking on pastures and eating grass are happier and healthier. ALL of the meats we raise on our farm are processed in a USDA inspected facility to ensure humane handling of animals.
At The Farmers Table, we sell ONLY OUR OWN pasture raised pork, beef, chicken & veal. We also sell raw milk cheeses, butter, yogurt and soaps made from our own jersey cows milk. Stop in our shoppe and taste the difference in our products make.